The Warren Buffett Advantage

Many investors and portfolio managers hold him in awe and see him as someone to emulate, but do they possess what we call the Warren Buffett advantage? Being a Business Analyst First Buffett sees himself as a business analyst, rather than as an analyst of the market, or of macro-economics, […]

Carbon Emission Trading and Investing

The creation of standardized tradable allotments or credits, and the development of derivative instruments based on these, opened up new opportunities in carbon emission trading and investing.

The Future of Cryptocurrencies

A number of new entrants have joined Bitcoin in vying to become the most widely accepted cryptocurrency. What does the future hold for cryptocurrencies?

The Negative Interest Rate Debate

The effectiveness of negative interest policies implemented by central banks in Europe and Japan has become the subject of much debate.

Investing with Climate Change

The potential impact of climate change on investment returns can no longer be ignored. Investing with climate change as the backdrop will occupy institutional and private investors in the decades to come.

Investing in Gold vs Gold Stocks

Gold stocks are often considered as an alternative trade to direct investment in gold. However, they are two very different types of securities, each with its own set of risks.

What Drives the Price of Gold?

The gold price has risen dramatically in recent years, and a review of the factors considered to affect the price of gold may help us determine what drives the price of gold.

Pros and Cons of ETFs

Exchange-traded funds are popular with both institutional and private investors, but you need to know the pros and cons of ETFs before diving in. 

Profiting from Penny Stocks

Many investors see an opportunity to make significant profits by investing in penny stocks.  However, investment in penny stocks also have the potential to lead to heavy losses.